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Scientific Animations and Motion Pictures

Modern Science deals with high complexity. 3D Animation is the weapon of choice to bring life to exciting data and convince an audience.
Movies and animations have become the golden standard in scientific communication. Those dynamic representations fit perfectly with modern ways to communicate about knowledge. During seminars avoid series of overloaded slides and opt for a clearcut high-information content movie to make the most of each precious minute. Gear your website with an impacting introduction movie and give your institution and your work immediate attractiveness and online radiance.

3D Scientific illustrations and models

A simple diagram can tell a long story... especially when it is told using an additional dimension. Scientific plots often get overloaded with information making it difficult for an audience to picture the scene in full. 3D editing gives depth to the most complex results and provides data representation with unprecedented clarity and impact.
Go 3D for your website, papers, posters and slides to make sure your message reaches its target in full.

Scientific Illustrations, Logos and Visual Standards

Elemental representations such as logotypes & graphic standards are designed to capture the essence of your work. Improve the visual identity of your company, your research or a scientific event you manage and make sure your work can be identified under a clear impacting and scientifically appropriate banner.