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If you have a project get in touch with us here.

An initial project scoping discussion typically lasts 45 minutes. During the meeting we will gather as much information as possible with regards to your needs and objectives. Following this exchange we will ask you to send us the documents related to the project (data and bibliography) that will be handled with absolute confidentiality.

The length of the process highly depends on the complexity of the final product and can vary from 2 weeks for a logo to 20 weeks for more sophisticated animations. Nonetheless the delivery date is determined early in the process (after the pre-production phase) and from that point we are absolutely committed to respect the agreed timing.

A typical project unfolds as follows :


  • Scientific consultation: Bibliography and Research
  • Artistic direction: Script writing and sketch drawings for the storyboard
  • Evaluation of human and material resources allocated to the project

This phase leads to the presentation of a 2D Storyboard and a pro-forma invoice.

This presentation is designed to discuss and define the precise storyline and scientific content that will both form the backbone of the project. On client acceptance we proceed with the production phase of the project.


  • 3D Modelling
  • Key Animations
  • Texturing Colours and lighting

This phase leads to the presentation of a 3D storyboard to the client.

This is the time to discuss about key animations and the general visual aspect of the animation in order to meet client requirements. On client acceptance we proceed with the final phase of the project: post-production.


  • Processing 3D Full texturing and calculations of each scene
  • Video editing Montage and visual effects
  • Additional Optional Editing Sound Effects, Specific Formats

This phase typically leads to the delivery of the final product ready for use.