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Creating a graphic identity for a research team

2D Technology Logos and Visual Standards
Area of expertise: 
Computational Biology
Computer model
Client reference: 
Dr Thomas Boraud, Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease, Bordeaux.

For 3 decades the Basal Gang Group has been exploring the neuronal basis of motivation through physiology and computer models.

The team of Dr. Boraud is a world leader in the field of Neuroscience research. His research interests span from the neuronal basis of decision making and voluntary movements to the implementation of biology inspired computer models in robots.
For Basal Gang we created a visual identity and graphic standards expressing both the physiological and computational aspects of the group.

Client testimonial: 
SciLight captured the very essence of my work's philosophy into a visually striking and highly praised logo. They also helped us improve our web page by integrating our scientific visual content into coherent graphics.